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The Sandman
Located in Lubbock, TX (West Texas)
We can ship within 24 hours anywhere in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico

Prefilled Sand Bags

Prefilled Sandbag

Count on Us for Sturdy Prefilled Sand Bags, Gravel Bags, and More

Turn to BJ's Sand Baggers if you are looking for prefilled sand bags, gravel bags, construction bags, or flood bags. We can also bag any materials like soil, rock, gravel, and mulch for residential or commercial usage. Contact us for FREE estimates on our products and services.

Rest assured knowing that all our bags are machine sewn and come with 2000 hours of UV ray protection! You can either buy them individually or in bulk. We take custom orders.

Some Areas That We Look After

•  Industrial areas
•  Pipeline construction
•  Water control
•  Erosion control
•  Water runoffs
•  Signs and barricades


•  High strength
•  High UV ratings
•  Multiple sizes, colors & weights available for different job site  specs
•  Securely sewn at top for maximum durability
•  We can ship palletized or loaded in a super sack

A Sturdy Solution

3W Enterprises, LLC supplies empty or filled sandbags and has the ability to make them on-site, saving on shipping, time & labor costs and potential injury of your employees. We can fill the sandbags with sand, gravel, limestome or any aggregate necessary for your project. Our super sacks are the sturdiest of all.

Our sturdy sandbags serve multiple purposes including flood control & protection, anchoring tarps and plastic sheeting, supporting temporary fencing, and are used on construction sites for erosion control, water runoff, and as a ballast for signs & barricades.
Select From a Range of Prefilled Sand Bags. Visit Us at 2110 East County Road 7300.
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