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The Sandman
Located in Lubbock, TX (West Texas)
We can ship within 24 hours anywhere in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico

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Top-Notch Prefilled and Unfilled Sand Bags at Competitive Prices

Prefilled Sand Bags,
Gravel Bags, and More

Get prefilled sand bags, gravel bags, construction bags and flood bags used for construction, pipeline, oil fields, flooding, road construction for barricade anchors bags
 at BJ's Sand Baggers. Call us before the rainy season for seasonal DISCOUNTS.

Prefilled Sand Bags

Get Customized
Unfilled Sand Bags 

You can buy unfilled sand bags in different colors as a pallet or a bundle. Need custom sand bags? We have those too! Call 806-438-1642
for FREE estimates.
Unfilled Sand Bags

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